## Posted by Allison on 30 July 2011

Aaron and I have dated for quite some time now. Years. Over seven years, to be exact. Many things have happened during those years for us, our country, and our world. Through all the ups and downs of life, one thing has remained consistent, keeping track of the time for us. Saw. What began as a one-movie enterprise developed over the years to seven movies that Aaron and I enjoyed watching.

Although most were watched from the safety and pause-ability of our apartments, we watched a couple in the theater (scary!), and one on our San Francisco vacation during our year-and-a-half of living in two different states. Saw has become an odd and unexpected constant in our relationship. It is only appropriate that the final Saw movie (Saw 3D) came out our last October as a dating couple. It may not be the greatest horror film, it may be exceedingly gory and gross, but it is our shared movie series over the years.

There is no telling if another movie franchise will arise over our first year as a married couple to assist us in counting the years and sharing in a common, if strange, series. Even if there is not, we will always have Saw.

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